You Need a Branded Beautiful Newsletter Template

Setting up a newsletter and making it look good is a big task, more so if you’re learning the software from scratch and on your own. It could steal valuable time from your writing schedule.

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Reclaim 10-20 hours for writing!

We will:

  • design an attractive newsletter template for use in any one software application of your choice, including MailChimp and Word;
  • design a banner for you from your existing artwork and make it the right size for the newsletter;
  • and once you’re all set up, we’ll give you clear, step-by-step instructions for filling in your newsletter template and sending them out—empowering you to continue on without us.


Prerequisitesmass-email-sending application

We can set up your newsletter template, but in order for you to be able to send it out to your mailing list, you will need an application that allows this. Email us if you aren’t sure whether your set-up will work.

Gmail or your email provider may serve the purpose if you don’t have too many names on your mailing list. Each email provider is different. If you want a more efficient and reliable method of sending a block of emails, we suggest you consider the application: Mailchimp (free up to 2000 emails). See our “a href=”https://angelsforauthors.com/mailing-list-package-mailchimp/”>Mailing List Package if you’d like help setting it up.


Contact us to begin the process of getting the work underway! Don’t see exactly what you need? Query!

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