Details: Website Repair

This is what you need to know about the process.

I will:

  • troubleshoot why your website is breaking.
  • attempt to fix it.
  • report any major changes if they’re necessary before I do them.
  • not charge you if I can’t fix it.

Extras included:

  • reasonable revision passes
  • easy-to-follow instructions if content management changed.

Other Notes:

  • Initial consultation is free.
  • All tasks include two rounds of revisions.
  • If there are text elements involved, you may write them yourself or use our templates. On request, I can provide the templates so you can use them as a starting point.
  • The amount of time a task requires will vary. If you have a deadline, please let me know. I’ll try to accommodate it, or I’ll let you know right away if I can’t.
  • Certain tasks require that I log into your accounts as an administrator. If so, I’ll ask for the username and password through a secure channel. Once our work is complete, I’ll delete this information from my computer. I take your security and privacy as seriously as I take my own.

Contact us to initiate a discussion about your project.