I’m Angel McCoy, novelist, short-story writer, award-winning anthology publisher, website developer, AAA video-game narrative designer, entrepreneur, and award-winning writing mentor. I have actively studied fiction writing, game writing, web design, and business since 1993. As a result, I have a big basket of skills.

In 2017, I left my day job at ArenaNet (senior writer on Guild Wars 2) to make my way outside the corporate environment. I’d grown fed-up with sending my bosses’ kids to college and not being allowed to express my own creativity.

Helping writers is a passion for me. I love writers. I am a writer, and I understand the challenges writers face. I’ve been the Horror Writers Association webmaster since 2013.

In 2020, I took an inventory of my life, my skills, and my passions. (Didn’t we all?) I came away with two core elements: writing and writers. I realized that I believe in the dream that drives so many of us: being a writer. Creativity is so often staunched in today’s world. Our psyches are under constant bombardment to fit in, to forget our dreams, and to work harder, not smarter.

Well, I’d like to help. I can help.

The exchange? Money. I need to charge for my services and time. If I were rich, I’d do this for free, but I’m not. The bills keep coming.

If you are finding yourself strapped for time and energy, but you know there are things you want to do to increase your audience and sales, then contact me.

I’ll be your assistant and will work with you to bolster your publishing efforts.

For the moment, just one Angel (me) makes up Angels for Authors. One day, I hope to be able to train and hire others to help even more authors and publishers. In the meantime, you get me. 🙂

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