Angels for Authors is a service for authors who want help with their marketing, social media set-up, and book layout. Over time, the services offered will grow, so be sure to sign-up for the mailing list even if you don’t see anything you need right now.

Angel Leigh McCoy has been a professional writer, game writer, project manager, and webmaster for many years.

This service blossomed as she realized how many people were floundering in today’s increasingly complex indie publishing industry.

As a dedicated mentor to others, it just made sense for her to leverage her knowledge to help others who value their writing time and don’t want to spend any of it on marketing, layout, and software set-up.

Angel has worked for companies such as Microsoft Game Studios and Wizards of the Coast.

She has been the webmaster for the Horror Writers Association since 2013 and continues to produce both the website and the Bram Stoker Awards® infrastructure.

In 2017, she was awarded the Mentor of the Year Award by the Horror Writers Association.

You can learn more about her writing projects and history at her website: AngelMcCoy.com.

A Note from Angel

Hello! I wanted to welcome you and introduce myself. I’m the founder and visionary behind Angels for Authors. Like many authors, I found myself spending a ton of time learning all the complex ins and outs of self-promotion and indie publishing. It was frustrating and difficult! I trudged through it all though and took tons of notes. Eventually it all clicked, but I’d invested so much of my writing time!

When I left my corporate job in 2017, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful while growing my own fiction-writing career.

One morning, in the shower (isn’t that where all great ideas happen?), I realized that I could take all that stocked knowledge and apply it to the careers of others, not just my own. If I did, I’d be combining my two passions: writing and helping other writers like me.

I’m excited to add you to my circle of friends and to get involved with making you more successful than ever.

I can think of no better way to earn a living than writing and supporting other writers. Thanks for reading this! I wish you much success! –Angel…


P.S. For the curious among you, my legal name is Angela, but I’ve been “Angel” since I was a baby. My birthday is at Christmas time, and I was my mom’s Christmas angel. Now, in my 50s, no one calls me Angela except my doctor, so I guess you could say the nickname stuck.