Content Coordinator (p/t, remote)

Position Overview:

You’re a content marketing powerhouse who loves all things digital marketing and has no trouble taking big ideas and making them bite-sized, actionable, and easy to understand. 

  • This position’s primary focus is to create stellar content in digital formats. The Content Coordinator will focus primarily on creating (researching, writing, and editing) content in support of our various product lines, including Angels for Authors, Games Omniverse, Wyrdwood, and Wily Writers

You will work with the creative director to create ads, social media content, newsletter production, meme creation, digital course content, and giveaway materials where needed. The number one goal of this position is to attract new customers and maintain the interest of existing customers in our various product lines. You will use whatever media you and the creative director believe does this best.

Our ideal Content Coordinator will come to the team with experience and can jump in and make an immediate contribution. This ideal candidate will be flexible enough to match all our brand voices while creating, updating, and refining the different types of content we use in our business.

You’re organized, creative, and know how to write engaging, thoughtful, and actionable content that will give our audience clarity and direction and keep them inspired.

You know or are interested in learning graphical applications such as Canva.

This is a part-time, remote position. You’ll report directly to our Creative Director, while also working closely with other key members of the team.

Angels for Authors isn’t your standard company. We are entrepreneurial and expect our coworkers to be as well. We believe that team members are adults who can manage their own time and still hit their deadlines with quality deliverables. Having said that, you will be asked to give regular reports on your progress and have a few meetings a month with the creative director. You will communicate every few days or as needed with the creative director via email. You do not have to be a resident of the United States, but you do have to speak and write excellent English.

In addition, our projects go through periods when we need additional support, such as during a product launch, and so we may ask you to increase your output during those times. The tasks required in this role rarely fit into an average 9-5 schedule. Our dream Content Coordinator is open to finding their own rhythm and creating a schedule that serves their life while also ensuring they get the job done.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Our content coordinator will work with the creative director to plan, create, and post social media content on the various accounts we run for our multiple product lines.
  • They will be proactive in finding the best SEO and content strategies for customer acquisition and retention.
  • They will work with the creative director to plan and collect content for three monthly newsletters, fill out their templates, and post them on a monthly schedule.
  • They will frontload ads and content for future use as time allows, so we have a stockpile to choose from in busy times.
  • They will keep all materials well-organized and neat in a shared Dropbox folder.
  • They will work closely with the Creative Director to maintain the creative vision of each project.
  • They will be proactive in finding ways to improve the promotional content and connect more directly with our customers.


Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • Strong organizational skills.
  • A keen aesthetic eye.
  • Experience with design tools such as Photoshop and InDesign for layout and graphic design.
  • Experience or willingness to learn online applications such as Canva.
  • An understanding of the power of a good story in marketing and for connecting with customers.
  • You understand or are willing to learn video promotional tools like Facebook Live.
  • You’re an effective communicator, and you can express your vision well to coworkers.
  • You are self-motivated and self-confident. Once you’re oriented, you can run with the project on your own.
  • You are a thinker AND a doer. This position is a mix of both. You don’t hesitate to jump in, make suggestions for improvement, and help implement content as needed.
  • You’re incredibly organized (friends might call you a little OCD!).
  • You’re the type of person that can spot a typo a mile away.
  • You adapt well to quick turnaround and work well under pressure.
  • You are an efficiency evangelist.
  • You take feedback without ego involvement and are willing to defend your choices if you disagree.


Contract Information

This position is part-time, limited to four hours per week. We will pay you $15 per billable hour (to a maximum of $60 total per week). We do not provide health insurance or benefits. This is a wage contractor position. You are responsible for all income tax reporting, and you will receive a 1099-Misc at tax time. No taxes will be taken out in advance.


Application Instructions:

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following via email to

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  2. Three samples of ad, web, or social media promotional content you produced.
  3. A 3-minute or shorter video introduction (you can record it on your phone) in which you answer the following questions. (We will not review videos longer than 3 minutes).
    1. What’s the one project you’ve done that you’re most proud of and why?
    2. What three suggestions can you give us for good social media promotion?
    3. Do you have any questions for us?

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