We partner with you and support your efforts to promote and publish your books.

We learn the tools, study the industry trends, and perform the tasks so you don’t have to spend the time.

We take on a limited number of projects so we can give personalized attention where you need it.

We work with you to ensure you’re ready to proceed without us once our portion of the work is done.

Time and Money

We authors have two core currencies: time and money. You spend these two assets to get your publishing career off the ground and then grow it.

I’ll lean on a cliché and say that time is money, but money can also buy you time.

There are so many things that consume your time:

  • Learning new tools and tactics. The teachers are out there. The knowledge is available and free, but is the time you’re spending learning taking away from the time you could be creating?
  • Setting up tools and implementing tactics. Iterating through your mistakes. These are time-intensive as well.
  • Monitoring tools and maintaining tactics. Your job is never done, and your time continues to be pulled away from what you love most: writing.

Is there a way to streamline these processes?

Let’s be real. One could argue that your #1 priority as a writer is finding/buying time to spend “ass in chair,” writing. Without a product (your books!), it won’t matter how strong your social media presence is.

I know how this is, because what I’ve described above has been my path. I’ve learned the tools and tactics over years of study (and neglecting my writing). I’ve set up those tools for myself and others, and I’ve developed strategies, shortcuts, and systems for monitoring them in the most efficient way possible. These are the assets I bring to the table.

When I left my cubicle in the corporate world—where I was a game writer, narrative designer, and project manager for decades—I rededicated myself to my own fiction-writing career and to helping others be successful, efficient authors.

Angels for Authors is my bridge between the corporate world I left behind and the novelist career I see in my future. I may not be doing this forever, so take advantage of my hard-earned skills and knowledge while you can. My own writing career will, at some point, take me over. In the meantime, we’re here to help.

How valuable is your time?

Let Angels for Authors help you get set up for success. Let us save you time for writing!

~ Angel Leigh McCoy, founder and director ~

Service Spotlight

Your Mailing List

Want to start gathering emails so you can promote to your fans? Don’t know how?

We can set the list up for you on Mailchimp, including creating you an account and designing a form to collect your fans’ email addresses. Learn more…

Your Newsletter

Would you like to send out a monthly newsletter to the fans on your mailing list? No idea where to begin?

We will create a newsletter template for you and show you step-by-step how to fill it in and send it out to your audience. Learn more…

Your Profiles

You published a work! Congrats! Don’t forget to update your profiles. Or let us do it for you.

We will update the information in existing profiles. You give us your login information, and we do the work to make you shine! Learn more…

Seeking Part-Time Contractors

Apply to be on our Editor List

Would you like to be an angel for authors? Our clients want help finding a reliable and skilled editor for their book projects. We are actively building our list of editors that we will recommend. If you are a fiction editor who does novels, and if you would like to be considered for our list, […]

Content Coordinator (p/t, remote)

Position Overview: You’re a content marketing powerhouse who loves all things digital marketing and has no trouble taking big ideas and making them bite-sized, actionable, and easy to understand.  This position’s primary focus is to create stellar content in digital formats. The Content Coordinator will focus primarily on creating (researching, writing, and editing) content in […]

Thank you so much for getting me through this process, Angel. I was going to procrastinate endlessly on it, even though I felt very strongly that a newsletter was a thing I wanted and needed. Your guidance, patience, and encouragement are so appreciated.

Loren Rhoads - Author, LorenRhoads.com

During the five years that I served as the President of the Horror Writers Association (HWA), I thought of Angel as one of my secret weapons. Whether the organization needed a website overhaul, installation and configuring of a new platform, or just routine updating, Angel was always prompt, polite, and hard-working. Angel's skills and attitude took the HWA to the next level, and she can do the same for your web presence.

Lisa Morton - former President (2014-2019) of the Horror Writers Association, LisaMorton.com

When I recently merged two of my websites, what should have been a seamless transition turned into a mountain of rare complications, leaving even my hosting service at a loss. After contacting Angel, she was able to identify the problem, repair the damage, and merge the websites into one within a matter of hours. Her expertise — and assurance — was invaluable at a time when I was ready to throw in the towel. If you need technical support, a call to Angel is the only call you’ll need to make.

Beth Underwood - Nonfiction Author and Funny-Woman, BethUnderwoodBooks.com

I've worked with Angel McCoy for nearly a decade on projects ranging from data entry to story editing and even cover design. She's responsible, patient, and excellent at everything she does. I look forward to utilizing her services in the future.

Rena Mason - Bram Stoker Award® Winning Author, RenaMason.ink

In nearly a decade of working with Angel on projects from blog events to website launches to back-end data management, I've never encountered an issue she couldn't resolve. Angel's patience and expertise make working with her a pleasure. She knows the right questions to ask and can guide even the most tech-baffled writer through what they need to know and make it seem easy. As a writer herself, Angel understands the unique goals and challenges authors face and how technology can really help their writing career. Whatever your tech needs, you'll be in excellent hands with Angel Leigh McCoy.

James Chambers - Author and Horror Writers Association Trustee, JamesChambersOnline.com

Angel has done my web site for years, complete with book store and forum. I couldn't be more pleased with it.

James C. Glass - Active member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Author-JamesGlass.com

Recommended Reading

for Serious and Struggling Authors

Someone at Angels for Authors has read and recommends each of the books listed here. They’ve been chosen because they’re helpful to authors, especially those who want to turn their writing into a successful long-term career.



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